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  1. H

    Feeding Schedule - Any Problems?

    I want everything perfect for when I buy my beardie. This means the right diet! Can someone look over my curren schedule? I want to be sure I am not over/under feeding anything and that I have everything right. Important context: -I'm buying a Reptisun T5 10.0 UV tube -I'm probably getting one...
  2. chardust

    New Beardie Mom... Requesting advice!

    Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte, and I just got a new Beardie yesterday! I have never owned one myself, but am a little familiar with them/caring for them because my cousin owns a Beardie and a leopard gecko and another I can't remember the name of... but anyways I've been really anxious...
  3. MadisonMerrihew

    Adopted Dragon

    Hello! I recently adopted a female 2.5 y/o bearded dragon who seems to be very healthy but I'm thinking her previous owner did not feed her properly and I'm wondering if anyone has advice for me. To start, she is in a 20 gallon tank... much too small. However, I have a 120 gallon enclosure...
  4. Jonathan_Gangl

    Unhealthy Stubbornness - NEED TIPS/ADVICE!

    Hey guys, I haven’t posted on any forums of this issue here lately but I think now is the time to open up on an issue that has been stressing me and my loved one out. On early February, 2020 our bearded dragon, Castiel started to become noticeably picky with his selection of food. At that time...
  5. S

    Any other young Bearded Dragon protein sources?

    I got my beardie a few months ago. I've been feeding him meal worms as a protein source because the pet store worker said that they were a good daily diet. However, I just read that meal worms can make a bearded dragon fat and unhealthy. I know that I need to find another protein source but I...
  6. C

    Concerned about Juvenile eating too much. Please help

    My almost 5 month old male bearded dragon is eating a lot. And when I mean a lot, he is going through 1,000 dubia roaches in less than a week. He won't stop eating until I take the bugs away. I swear he wouldn't stop if I let him.. He never leaves a single bug in his cage and he devours them as...
  7. A

    Bearded dragon constipation

    Hello all, I am currently caring for a young adult bearded dragon. She lives in a 60-gallon tank with a MVB during the day and a 75W night heat lamp for the evening. Her daily diet consists of the Adult Bearded Dragon food daily formula from Rep Cal. She eats a few of those every day and seems...
  8. FriezaSama

    Feeding Schedule

    Hi all! I have a question regarding feeding schedules for beardie. I know that everyone has a different schedule for their dragons. For example the dragon at the vet clinic I work at I have him on a simple schedule food being provided Monday through Friday with greens being offered everyday and...
  9. D

    Help! Juvenile eating worms by the thousands!

    We have been feeding our bearded dragon, Moshe,using the rule where you let them eat as much as they want for 15 minutes at a time we do this twice a day. He's been eating about 20 each time, and then wondering if this means that he's going to be fat, or if he's just a growing juvenile please...
  10. A

    Sunken fat pads

    i recently came back from a two week holiday. I had left clear instructions for my family to look after my beardie (barbara) yet somehow i came home and the fat pads on her tail and head have sunk. Shes lost a lot of weight recently as she has been laying eggs however she’s never lost this much...
  11. D

    is this food good for bearded dragons

    hi, i bought https://www.pangeareptile.com/store/pangea-fruit-mix-with-insects.html while i was planning to get crested gecko. then i changed my mind to bearded dragon and changed everything enclosure well. My question is that product compatible with beardeds diet :) thanks for helping
  12. Vivianic

    Baby Beardie Only Wants Papaya, What Do I Do?

    Hello! So, I have a baby bearded dragon named Thor, and I've been having troubles getting her to eat her fruits and veggies. She eats them most of the time now, although sometimes I have to use tweezers to get her to eat them (that's what I use for waxworms and other foods so I think it tricks...
  13. RickyTan

    Over weight???

    Here’s some pics of Drogon and I was wondering how can I tell if I’m feeding him too much? I don’t think I am but I just want to be positive. He doesn’t drag his stomach or anything, he’s about 7-8 months old (I think we never got a DOB), good leg strength but his tail looks a little thick. And...
  14. A

    Worried mom please help

    I adopted my adult bearded dragon almost 3 years ago and recently he stopped eating his regular diet which included a pinky mice a week, crickets and veggies, currently he only eats when I hand feed him (my dad has tried hand feeding him and he won't eat from him) but refuses to eat animals...
  15. A

    Carrot tops?

    Can beardies eat fresh carrot tops? I cant find anything saying they can or cant.
  16. B

    Need Advice

    So this is our first time with a bearded dragon. We've had him about 4 days. And I know I'm going to catch alot of crap for this but I need anything else I can feed Gizmo other than crickets or roaches as my daughter will literally fly into a panic attack on sight of them. To be clear she has no...
  17. Autumn J Wingard

    Please help me (he swallowed piece of broken dropper)

    I really hope somebody finds this and soon I need help helping my dragon either throw up or pass the tip to glass eye dropper that he just broke off and ate. My boy who's just about 2 years old was having some problems and I ordered medicine for him it came with this glass eye dropper everything...
  18. kurokuroi

    Baby won't eat live feeders

    Hi all! Let me start with setup specs -- Juvenile beardie (still only about 7 inches), 40 gallon tank with paper towel or repticarpet substrate. Hot end basking spot 105-107F, cool end 70-75F. He has a reptisun HO10.0 UVB bulb. Currently 26g. When I first got this baby about five? six? weeks...
  19. Kenia

    What Plants Are Safe To Grow In Enclosure?

    I recently had to remove the synthetic plants that were in my dragons enclosure because she ocasionally tried to eat them. Since then the lack of greenery is off-putting, and I would like to add some live, edible plants for her to munch on. I've already added some celery since I know she can eat...
  20. M.Cox

    Delayed Cricket Shipment! Protein alternatives?

    Help! My last shipment of crickets didn't last as long as I had hoped (he ate a LOT but many also died because I am still figuring out how to keep crickets), so now my beardie is out of crickets and the next shipment won't arrive for a few days, or longer if this snow keeps up. He's still young...

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