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Question. This is the first time our Zeus has been in burmation. He has been asleep for over a week and a half. I have fresh water in his cave and have check on him about every 3 days. Is it normal for them to go into burmation this time of year? I’ve read a lot about winter months but it’s about an average of 50 degrees here in Illinois. Thanks in advance for the help.
I don’t know if his cage is too small. His cage 35in big and he is 21in. Is it too small? I let him roam around my room and I don’t know if I need to get a bigger one.
Hello, I have a year old bearded dragon his name is Samuel. He's my adorable lil friend. He only like to be in my pillows or on me. Just wanted to say hello to the bearded dragon community.


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New to this Forum. Getting a bearded dragon and want to make sure my tank lighting will meet my dragons needs! I have a 120gallon tank. I have a 22” T5 10% UVB bulb and a ceramic heat emitter. My question is, do I need a basking bulb on to of those? Or if I’m on the wrong path can you please tell me what I need?
No the heat emitter should be enough!

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