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I have had my 1st dragon since March of last year. She has been a joy to me & my husband. Since then we have adopted 2 more. A male & a female. They all have their own dwelling. NO living together. They are very spoiled. Of course all our animals are spoiled. Dragons, dogs, chickens, we love our babies.
Since having my beardies my husband has taken a special liking to our latest girl. He calls her Queen Latifa.
Everything I have learned about bearded dragons has been from research & helpful comments from dragon owners. Also my local pet shop. They are healthy & happy. We grow organic food for them.
Looking to buy 2 baby Beardies.... I'm new at this. Any help would be appreciated.... Suggestions?
I am here today, but can't always sign on . When I do no one seems to answer my questions.
I have trouble getting Pogo my dragon to eat Dubia Roaches. What can I do? He loves Superworms and he eats his greens. I started a Dubia Roach colony because I was told they were better for him and Now I have more than I need because he won't eat them. Please help.

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