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Recent content by lionthebeardeddragon

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    my coral red beardie

    i chose the sunlight photos of him
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    beardie shed is fading away

    there have been other instances (other than this shed) where my beardies head grows very very pale, looks like he’s just about to shed, and then the pale shed never falls off, and it just fades away. is this normal? he is completely fine after it has faded away i was just confused.
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    not eating much, sleeping/curling up often, etc.

    he hasn’t lost any weig he hasn’t lost any weight, just a bit slower gaining it. his poop is fine though, normal texture and smell. thanks for the advice or staple foods, i’ll look into those.
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    not eating much, sleeping/curling up often, etc.

    it is a T 5, and is in a hood with a reflector
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    not eating much, sleeping/curling up often, etc.

    the brand of UVB is Arcadia, same goes for the basking lamp. it’s a tube, so it stretches across the entire tank, and is inside of the tank. the basking temperature is between 34-35 degrees Celsius. (that was using a probe).
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    not eating much, sleeping/curling up often, etc.

    my dragon is about 8 months old and has slowed down his appetite for the past few months, only finally pooping towards the end of december after some encouragement. i originally thought it was just signs of brumation, and on going to the vets they told me to keep him awake as much as possible...