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I am heartbroken! My beautiful baby boy is gone.


Hatchling Dragon
Last Saturday my daughter and I left for town. While we were gone my son saw that Dexter really wanted out of his tank — and because he knows I let him roam quite often — let him out to run around. What he didn’t know is that the screen door needs to be hooked. Dexter likes to climb the screen and look out all the time. Trouble is both our dog and cat can open the screen door and exit whenever they want. To avoid them opening the screen door while he’s roaming I hook it.

When I returned about 2 hours later I looked and he wasn’t in his tank. I went to my son (he was the only one home) and asked if he’d seen him. He told me that he’d let him out not long after I left. We searched everywhere. I tore my house apart. We couldn’t find him. My only thought is that he was hanging on the screen and the dog or cat went out and he jumped down onto our porch. That was almost a week ago. I have spent so many hours every day sitting on my lawn and walking around calling to him. Every time I pass the door I look out hoping to see him sunning himself and waiting for me. I have cried many tears. I will be cleaning out his tank and putting it away tomorrow, but after a week I believe he will not return.

I will check in once and a while just to say hey, but right now it’s too hard to hang around. Wishing you all the best!
He’ll show up don’t worry about it


Juvenile Dragon
Thanks for your well wishes. Yes, I'm still searching each day. Still hoping he finds his tank. Hoping so hard he's fine and having the time of his life, but will be ready to come home soon.
I’m so sorry! Hopefully he comes back soon! I’m sure he’s having an adventure! Good luck with your search!


Bearded Dragon Veteran
He’ll show up don’t worry about it
No sign of him yet. Sob. I've had his tank out under the porch with lights on since it was recommended. I'm still keeping an eye out and still looking.
The pet store where I got him are hoping he turns up too. I kept them updated on his progress and showed pics every time I went in. It's like he's their baby, too. lol I went in last Saturday for bugs and showed them Char. They think she is adorable, but like me they are hoping Dex turns up.