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    Hi all! Let me start with setup specs --

    Juvenile beardie (still only about 7 inches), 40 gallon tank with paper towel or repticarpet substrate. Hot end basking spot 105-107F, cool end 70-75F. He has a reptisun HO10.0 UVB bulb. Currently 26g.

    When I first got this baby about five? six? weeks ago he initially seemed good when I brought him home. The first night, because I didn't know any better at the time, I fed him about 5 small dubias. However after that I noticed that he seemed to lose his appetite. He stopped wanting feeders and went from the light sandy color he'd been when I got him to almost constantly a very dark brown and he stopped pooping. He was also no longer weight bearing on all four limbs. After 5 days of this with belly rubs and soaks not helping I took him to the vet. He said there was nothing obviously infectious so we dewormed and he recommended critical care by syringe and warm soaks twice a day and to monitor his weight. I've been doing that now for about three or four weeks and he gained weight, up from 17g to 26g and he is back to bearing weight on his limbs. He also poops now relatively regularly. He takes the syringe feedings like he doesn't hate them but he seems to hate soaks. All he wants to do is sleep it seems, and he won't bask. I've been feeding mainly critical care, with a little bit of grub pie, and some reptiboost from Fluker's. His color hasn't improved a huge amount. He hasn't shed yet except for a very small part of the skin on his face and it didn't seem to be coming off well for him.

    The problem I'm having now is he is absolutely not at all interested in feeders. Whether out for syringe feeding or in his tank, he wants nothing to do with anything I offer including greens. I've tried crickets, dubias, and calciworms, along with a variety of greens and even pellets because I'm desperate to get him to eat on his own. Not only does he not seem interested in the feeders, he acts like he's scared of them. I'm not really sure what to do to try to improve his interest in the bugs. I'm afraid his growth is going to be negatively impacted because I can't seem to incite his appetite. I wondered if you experienced keepers had any advice for other things I should try.

    Thank you for reading.