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  1. M

    Coccidia / Pinworms: Q about cleaning enclosure

    Hi, everyone. New owners of a 3mo old bearded dragon obtained at expo from private breeder. Everything was going well, except for slightly watery, malodorous stool. Finally got to vet 3 weeks after bringing him home and setting up enclosure. + coccidia, + pinworms We were given med for...
  2. L

    coccidia woes - to dilute or not to dilute ammonia?

    My 1.5-year-old bearded dragon is currently undergoing treatment for coccidia. In the meantime I'd like to use ammonia to kill the coccidia in the tank, but I'm seeing conflicting information about whether to dilute the ammonia. Let me lay out why I'm conflicted: Online sources say coccidia...
  3. J

    Please help my bearded dragon gets here in 3 days and i went & picked up a brand new 75v

    Please help! my bearded dragon gets here in 3 days, and i went & picked up a brand new 75 gallon tank today, but I dont now the best way to clean and disinfect the tank before putting everything into it?!
  4. Penelope

    Wipe Out for Coccidia?

    Hi - just curious if anyone knows whether the WipeOut cleaner by Zoo Med is effective against coccidia oocytes? My 3 month old beardie is alert, friendly, and gaining weight like CRAZY, and I want to keep him that way! I clean his enclosure when he poops 3x a day but sometimes he steps in it and...
  5. gremlin

    decor sanitizing?

    hey.......im very new to any kind of reptile care and have been googling literally everything im unsure about or cant find in my beardie book so i created this account just to ask this because i couldnt find anything that seemed legit elsewhere lol... im raising a 5-ish month old rascal man who...