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Bearded Dragon Egg
My brand is ZooRoom, to help turn your room into a comfortable zoo for your pets!
I have a great bundle on Amazon. Please check it out and I hope that it's suitable for your bearded dragon!


Product description

This bundle provides the most popular items that a bearded dragon owner will need.

Dragon wing bearded dragon harness and leash comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large. This will fit your lizard's growing body.

Large size triangle hammock with lasting suction cups for adjusting the height of the hammock. Get your bearded dragon closer to the heat lamp during the winter season.

Small size water and food dish keeps it easy to bring around your bearded dragon. Comes with special enclosure brim to keep meal worms in the dish. This brim is removable.

Product details
  • Bundle consists of : 1 x 3 size packed bearded dragon harness with leash, 1 x bearded dragon triangle hammock, 1 x bearded dragon food dish.
  • Incredibly cool dragon wings: 67 inch leash with dragon wings and 3 size packed harness for your bearded dragon and other lizards of all sizes.
  • Handmade comfortable bearded dragon hammock: handwoven from durable, 100% seagrass fiber. Includes suction cups for easy changing of position and provide elevation for your bearded dragon to be closer to heat lamp.
  • Food and water dish: dual function, with special brim designed to keep meal worms from getting away from your bearded dragon.
  • Get all 3 items together in this great bundle: essential bearded dragon accessories to go WOW over!


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