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Yay! Springtails and isopods.. stay tuned


Hatchling Dragon
My springtails and isopods are already blooming.. still doing research, but I should have my lil side gig up and running in time.. I'm excited.. when I have sufficient enough microfauna to disperse into more cultures I may do a giveaway on my Instagram... one of isopods and one of springtails to mainly get feedback from these two lucky winners and to hopefully spread around recommendations for others to purchase from me. Good idea? What are your thoughts..
Thanks in advance

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I think that is a great idea. It's like giving someone a sample of your product. I'm in a FB group and there was someone that wanted to advertise bugs in the group. The admins have a rule that in order to be approved, you have to send the page owner a sample of your product. Just like 25 and you have to send it absolutely free. They just want to make sure you are selling a good product, nothing wrong with that. The person got a little upset that they were going to have to pay to ship it.

Selling isopods and spring tails would be a great business. It seems like so many sites are always out of them.

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