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Proof that beardies can live together


Bearded Dragon Egg
My beardies love each other , I know it’s not the norm but they are true mates


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Emilia Thuet

Bearded Dragon Veteran
Hi hun hope you are doing well.
I won’t tell you what to do, it’s not my place but I just wanted to let you know some facts as to why beardies are not kept together. They are not social animals, which means that they don’t have that pack mentality that other animals have like dogs, orcas, wolves, etc. The way their brains are wired is to be solitary animals, it’s kinda like being a single child, you’re kinda use to having all your stuff being yours and then all of a sudden you introduce another child and competition starts to brew. The only difference is, is that humans again are social animals and will one day hopefully stop fighting or competing and actually bond. It’s not the same with bearded dragons and other types of reptiles, there will always be competition. And you can see by their sizes, I don’t know if they are similar in age or not but if they are one is much larger than the other, meaning that the larger is more dominate and will dominate the other one when it comes to resources. So that small beardie will never get the chance to flourish. And even though they may not be presenting stress signs such as black bearding or glass surfing they may still be stressed out just on more of an internal level or they just always have their survival instincts on, which is fine for wild beardies but as pets they shouldn’t have to worry about things like that or that’s just what I think. What I suggest you do is do some research on cohabitation of bearded dragons from reputable sources, look to experienced reptile keepers even maybe ask a reputable exotic vet and see what they all think. I have a feeling that most will say that beardies should not be kept together, and even if nothing bad happens between your Beardies like fights that could lead to severe wounds or even death, it does not mean that your Beardies are happy being together because sadly the only person who thinks they are bonding or soulmates is you hun, not your beardies. And I promise you if you do ever separate them, they will not miss each other. Do what you wish with this information and have a lovely day