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Please help- not sure if beardie has injured leg?


Bearded Dragon Egg
This is a video I recorded of my beardie running as you can see her left leg looks a little concerning.
This started a little over a week ago.
Her temperature in cage is 90-100 degrees dry dessert. Using the Reptisun 10.0 UVB 13 watt.
She poops regularly everyday, eats flukers medley treat crickets with reptile multivitamin supplement powder.

her left leg skids when she is walking.



Juvenile Dragon
Her left leg is fine, if they're on hardwood flooring, or any slick flooring their leg will skid like that. She's totally fine, my bearded dragon does it sometimes on my concrete floors.
I was wondering if that was the issue when I watched the video, but was waiting for more knowledgeable peeps to respond. Even our dog will sometimes walk like that if he's moves too quickly on our floors. lol Does her leg act like that when she's in her cage or on a non slippery surface? If not, then I would attribute it to the slick surface as BDD said. :)

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