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Picky One Year Old

Victoria Muzzarelli

Hatchling Dragon
I've had my dragon since February 2020. Earlier this week he decided he didn't want his salad, so to make sure he wasn't sick and was just being a picky eater, I offered him a Dubia roach. He ate that but still refuses to eat the salad. I feed him kale and mustard greens, alternating between the two each day. I tried mixing in some freeze-dried mealworms and that did work for a couple of days but now he's just flat out refusing to eat his greens, even if I put some mealworms in there. How do I get him to eat his salad?

Crabs Mcjones

Juvenile Dragon
Beardie Club
As long as he's still eating his bugs I wouldn't be too concerned. Just keep offering the salad and he'll go back once he's ready. If he quits food completely then I'd start looking for a vet to see what may be wrong.

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