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Photo of The Month Contest Rules & Discussions

Dr. D

Hatchling Dragon
3 Year Member
How can that be true with all the entries that have been submitted. It appears more to be more lack of interest of the person\people running the contest. Why has the June winner never been announced, there were 15 entries & an Unknown prize offered that has never been delivered on. It appears that this contest used to work quite well & on time, then shut down for months, started again in a hit & miss fashion.

Possibly if the membership voiced their opinions\concerns, or if someone else that actually has an interest & the time, could take over this contest, maybe this Contest would have a chance.
Maybe you should offer


Bearded Dragon Egg



No prizes, no themes, just the prestige of the monthly winner being displayed prominently on the Home Page for a Month and in the stickied "Photo of the Month Winners - Past and Present" thread!
The aim of these Contests is that the Photos are judged and voted for on their own merits & to avoid personal 'Popularity Contests', the submissions must not have been previously posted recently on the Forum, will be posted anonymously and must remain so until the Winner is announced.
To enter your submissions, post them in the contest thread for that month!

  • Entrants must be Registered Members.
  • Please don't try to work the system by registering multiple accounts. Members violating this, will be disqualified from this and future contests.
  • Only photos of real, live Bearded Dragons, that are owned\kept by the submitting Member, will be accepted, no drawings.
  • Photos can be cropped, but otherwise, No Photoshopping or other photo enhancements, clear natural pics only. This includes having the Camera settings to 'Vivid' or any other similar enhancement setting. Any submissions deemed to have been obviously enhanced, at the sole discretion of the contest coordinator, will not be accepted.
Tip: Misting your BD, giving it a warm Bath or natural Sun, just prior to taking the photos, will naturally bring out the colors.

  • Entries must be entered by 18:00 (6:00 AM) CST of the 20th of the month. A Voting poll will then be added to judge the entries by popular vote. Voting will take place for 7 days from the Voting Thread post time. Winner will be announced, posted & displayed on the Home page.
  • One submission & vote per member\household\IP, per month.
  • Past entries, that have not been entered in the immediate two previous monthly Contests, may be entered again. Winning Photos may not be re-entered.
  • In the event of a tie, the contest coordinator will select a winner for the month.

Please Post all inquiries, questions & discussions concerning the contests HERE in this thread ...

Thank you for participating!​
My almost 3 month old LiL-Bit ❤️


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