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  1. svaz15

    svaz15 Bearded Dragon Egg

    Feb 21, 2019
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    A the beginning of this year I suddenly lost a bearded dragon to unknown causes, she was fine one day then the next morning I was rushing her to emergency where she did not survive. So I am very upset right now because I am worried about my new boy.

    Today around 5:30pm (it is now 8:30pm) I had my boy Logan outside on the screened-in-porch, when I looked out for him in his normal spot, I panicked, so I went to rush out to find him, in my rush I did not see that he was right in front of the door, and I Stepped on him!, It was on his side, and it was not full weight. He was also on a soft surface.

    He ran, and became extremely aggressive (NO SURPRISE). But he was moving just fine, no limping or issues moving. I gave him a few horned worms (trying to calm him down) which helped get him into a box and then back into his cage. From there he has calmed down and has letting me handle him (as much as he normally does).

    I am freaking out because I am worried about internal bleeding. I can not find any information about the signs of internal bleeding in bearded dragons.

    Right now he is getting ready to go to bed, his light is off, he is in one of his normal sleeping spots, he has no bleeding from the mouth or anywhere else that I can see. His belly is very full from all the horned worms he got today, but does not appear to be abnormally bloated.

    What should I be looking for?
    Should I be worried?
    I am trying to not be so anxious and wanting to panic but I am.
  2. kaylynangel

    kaylynangel Juvenile Dragon

    May 31, 2019
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    Just watch for any odd or sudden behavioral changes, lethargic behavior-- see if he eats and watch for him to go to the bathroom --- if anything changes I would get him into the vet and have X rays done