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Only eating wax worms and glass surfing??


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi. My 5month old girl who hates being handled, sadly, keeps tapping her nose on the glass and pacing up and down the glass,,although she enjoys the watching tv,,but she has also gone off her locusts and eating very little. She shed 1 week ago and her poop is fine. She is normally grumpy but seems more skittish.

Nothing has changed in her viv.

I offered her some wax worms and she gladly ate those ravishingly, but I only offer these once a week and dont want her solely eating these.

Any ideas gladly welcome


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The young ones will calm down a bit with age and not rub their noses quite as much. Plus their owners usually overfeed them so as they age they get big and content :)
Any other symptoms besides the decreased appetite?


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi thanks for replying. Ive had bearded dragons in the past but never had such a skittish one. She has never been a huge eater. She will tend to eat about 15 locusts a day! And they are only about 14ml in size

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