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New Beardie - Am I doing things right?

Victoria Muzzarelli

Hatchling Dragon
I just adopted Oscar, a one-year-old male bearded dragon this past weekend, and I just want to make sure I started right. He's currently living in a 55-gallon tank, with two lamps (one for UV light, one for heat) and I have them hooked up to a timer. at 6:30 am, the light turns on. at 8:30 pm, the light turns off (keep in mind this is what his previous owners said to do). I was told to keep the heat lamp on 24/7, is this right? Anyway, I take him out two or three times a day, I feed him kale and mustard greens, and I was told to feed him 20 large crickets every 2-3 days. My mom got him this substrate made of crushed walnut shells, is this safe for him? Occasionally, I let him roam around my bedroom, he seems to like exploring. I stroke his back, head, and chin. Is there anywhere else he likes? If I'm doing something incorrectly, please let me know.

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