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New bearded dragon diet


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hi there,

I’m new here and a new bearded dragon mom. I got Kuzco a week and a half ago, and although I did a bunch of research before I got him, I’m still doing more. I wanted some opinions and clarification on diet. Kuzco is 4 months old. When I got him from my exotic pet store, they sent me home with superworms and that’s a good portion of the insects I’ve been feeding him. I didn’t realize until today that it’s not a staple insect diet. I live in Florida, so Dubia roaches are illegal. I own leopard geckos, so I do have experience with crickets but I always have such a hard time keeping them alive. Plus, I’d rather not have to make a bunch of trips to the pet store. I’d really like to know what you feed your bearded dragons, how much, and how often. The more detail, the better. Thanks in advance.

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Juvenile Dragon
Hello and welcome to the form! Because of quarantine I've been feeding my bearded dragons things other than crickets too. I feed dubia roaches, some crickets, Soldier fly larvae, mealworms, superworms, and bearded dragon pellets. And for veggies I feed kale, romaine lettuce, green lettuce, red leaf lettuce, and dandelion greens. For fruits I feed, mango, grape, apple, banana, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and cantaloupe. If I were you I would feed crickets, black soldier fly larvae, mealworms and bearded dragon food in addition to all of the fruits and vegetables listed above. Baby bearded dragons need fed at least three times a day, juvenile bearded dragons once a day and adult bearded dragons every other day. Do you have any pictures of him he sounds adorable!

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