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My juvenile bearded dragon is not eating

Crabs Mcjones

Juvenile Dragon
Beardie Club
Correct lighting, correct temperature. What are you offering for food, and how long have you had the beardie?


Bearded Dragon Egg
my juvenile bearded dragon is not eating please suggest me any guide
Several reasons why this happens. The enclosure as mentioned needs the correct temps and lighting. If he is recently acquired he will take some time to adapt to his new surroundings.
If his enclosure is facing a window or door looking on to the outside he might see animals or birds that is scaring him. If he's very young too many live feeders in at once will overwhelm him and make him skittish. Mix a little rocket or other chopped veggies and put the insects in the same feeding bowl. Your own dogs or cats could be something he has never seen before. If he has any illness you're unaware of this could also lead to no appetite, but if he is fat & healthy this would not apply.
As mentioned several reasons.
Good luck I'm sure he'll settle down in due course.

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