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Looking for a good bug source


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hello! I live in the sticks of NH and don't have any local venues that can really provide enough bugs to satisfy/sustain my adult bearded lady. All I can get around here is horn worms ($2.50 each), super worms, and crickets. I signed up for a dubia roach monthly delivery from dubiabrothers but they haven't been able to fulfill their orders on time since the pandemic started, which I understand. But, that and the fact that no other company has been able to deliver bugs (except for Fluker's who has a small inventory and has been delayed) is forcing me to feed crickets more than I'd like to.
I need a reliable source! And I'm willing to breed, but I need to be able to get enough delivered to be able to do so. Please let me know of reliable bug sellers. Thanks! -M

Silver dragons

Juvenile Dragon
Hello, that is expensive for hornworms here in Ohio they are a dollar! I found that dubia roaches, mealworms, and superworms, are easy to breed so I would suggest breeding Dubia roaches and superworms not so much mealworms because they are not very good.

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