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How important are veggies?


Bearded Dragon Egg
My two year old girl was raised on pellets by her previous owner. I just took her in about two months ago, so we’re both still experimenting with salad ingredients. I’ve had no problem getting her to eat her greens (she currently eats turnip greens and endives), but she really won’t eat very many vegetables. Bell peppers are the only things she’ll eat, but I read that’s only an occasional thing so I try to limit it. I’ve tried: yellow squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, carrots, broccoli, and sweet potato so far. She doesn’t seem to care for any of that. She’ll eat all of her greens and leave whatever veggies I put on. So my questions are, how important are the vegetables in her diet? Is she fine primarily eating just greens? What else can I try? Also, I’ve tried bee pollen to see if that would entice her and it did not.


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Personally I think the greens and the proteins are more important than the veggies. How's her poop been?

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