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    Newbie here!
    It's a long story but I'll try to sum up. My beardie has been sick off and on since February. We have now seen three different vets, bloodwork done twice, 3 fecals, 3 sets of xray, and just this Monday we did an ultrasound. There is no MEDICAL reason to be found why my 10 ish month old beardie will not eat. Or at least not one we can find. the most recent vet we saw is at Colorado State University. I guess I should say their team of doctors lol.

    Husbandry has been ruled out. Basking spot is 104 with a 75 watt Basking bulb. I have a T5 HO 10.0 watt uvb bulb. cool side is 85. I have 2 hygrometers, one at each of tank. 1 says 50% and the other says 40%. They're not digital, which is one thing I want to replace. could it be too humid? CO isn't really known for humidity.

    Could it be stress?

    Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I am desperate and don't know what to do for her. I am syringe feeding her but she hates it. I try different types of bugs, greens, I've left a little fruit out and some Critical care for her and she won't touch ANY of it.