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Getting my 2 month old to eat Greens?

Crabs Mcjones

Juvenile Dragon
Beardie Club
At 2 months old i'm not surprised. As babies they're going to want nothing but bugs. All you can really do is keep offering little bits until she finally gains interest.


Bearded Dragon Egg
I got my little guy eating some carrot out of my hand today, took a little patience and waving it by his face to get his attention but he nibbled away at it. He hasn't touched much greens yet, and is also about 2 months old.

Leslie C

Bearded Dragon Egg
Yeah, it takes time. Make it available ... one day he will surprise you and eat some. I found that both of mine favored yellow squash. Always ate that before anything else. Another trick, put a couple worms (wax worms - not really healthy, but ok in small quantities as a treat) in the bowl with the salad (cut everything up real small). They sometimes get some of the greens with the worms and realize they aren't bad!


Bearded Dragon Veteran
it does take patience. hand feeding may work better so you can move it around in front of her face. she’ll most likely have more interest in movement!


Bearded Dragon Egg
I agree with the above comments, but I also wanted to throw in the suggestion of turnip greens! My girl was very meh about all of the greens I tried until I gave her turnip greens. She eats everything I give her now! Endives were also pretty successful before I tried turnip greens.

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