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Genetics help please?


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hello all,

I would like to buy a female leatherback with the plan of breeding her with my Hypo Zero male in a couple of years.

I have been told that you shouldn’t breed Hypo Zero to Hypo Zero?

Is there anywhere reliable where I can learn more about genetics please ?

I would be hoping to get a Hypo Zero Leatherback from the pairing. Which morph would you use and why?


Hatchling Dragon
As I understand it (because I’m actually looking to do this too in the future). I’ll be pairing my hypo zero with a het zero hypo leatherback.
that should give:
50% leatherback & 50% normals
All hypos
50% het zero and 50% zeros.
Then it’s just luck of the draw to see if the zeros are the leatherbacks really.

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