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DragonBox pre-orders and early adoption


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hey guys!,

I've been building an automated enclosure for my beardy and wanted to see how many folks might be interested in purchasing one for themselves. Currently, the idea is that the box would automatically set lighting/heating and monitor the environment throughout the day. I'm also planning on having the enclosure capable of texting you any updates if something malfunctions or the temperature gets too hot. if you are interested, what features would you consider necessary, and how large would you like the enclosure to be?

Proposed Features:
- Automatic environment setting based on surrounding temperature
- Automatic environment monitoring and adjustments
- Automatic sunrise/sunset scheduling based on zip code
- Text alerts/notifications for malfunctions and temperature issues
- Webcam to watch your friends remotely?



Bearded Dragon Egg
I've built a custom, double-decker terarrium for two of our beardies, and have been giving strong consideration to puting my dusty arduino to use on it. Do you me mind asking what you're using to control everything, and if you recommend one controller over another (Arduino, RasPi, etc.)?

That aside, I think you're biggest sell-point (outside of the standard environmental monitoring/adjusting) would definitely be the webcam. People love checking on their pets during the day!

I also thought about possibly building in a mechanism to allow live food dumps at specified times (i.e. a hatched box that can be pre-filled with live food, and then dumped at 5:00 PM) for those times you can't be home to feed them, but it's probably too niche/infrequent to be a useful feature.

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