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Beardie Mom to-be


Bearded Dragon Egg
Good morning from the west side of Texas!

I am adopting this female beardie, roughly 3 years old, from a family who can no longer keep her. She comes with everything in the pictures! I do not have a name nor do I know what type she is. However, I have been researching for awhile now and can't wait to welcome her home. The only issue I seem to have a problem with is the lighting and making sure I buy the correct bulbs.

I am also aware as soon as I pick her up I need to get rid of the sand. I was going to get some textured contact paper from Lowe's. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for welcoming me to the community!



Bearded Dragon Egg
Please do replace the sand --- you can get some NON adhesive textured shelf liner or floor linoleum-- or slated ceramic tile as well -- both are cheap and easy to clean w/ vinegar/ water 50/50 in a spray bottle - insects cannot get underneath - is she in a 40 gallon tank -- I would recommend getting her into something bigger later on down the road --- a full size dragon needs a 75-120 gallon tank --- ok for lighting it looks like they have a ALL in One --- I dont use those as they are too hard to control the heat and the UVB and from what I am told they dont provide enough UVB so I am going to recommend you ditch the All in One and go w/ a bright white basking bulb it will be trial and error w/ basking temps so make sure you have on hand a digital probe thermometer from petco or petsmart for $5 - also you might want to get a infrared heat gun from your local home improvement store for like $10-12-- I see no thermometer in that tank --- now another important light that is a must is a Reptisun 10.0 either the T 5 or a T 8 tube - since you have a open tank on the one side I would get a 24" fixture w/ a T 5 - it can sit on top of tank w/ the basking decor 12-15 inches from it --- you can get a fixture from here for $32 - www.pangeareptiles.com -- it has a reflector and you need a fixture w/ a reflector -- those two lights are the most important thing in that tank ---- -- if you dont want to change out the All in One bulb I still recommend getting another UVB
here is a nutrition website for you
I also can give you websites for insects and worms - most people order their insects on line - I recommend dubia roaches - they are the healthiest and easier to keep than crickets - all you need is a 10 gallon aquarium or tote and feed dubia food or whatever the dragon eats and carrots for hydration ---- if you have more questions please ask
thank you so much! The owner who I am picking her up from said she doesn’t bask. I am assuming this is because the tank is getting too hot. I will replace the all in one with a basking light and get the UVB bar. I am working on upgrading her tank. It is a 50 gallon. I think I will go all out for a 120 or so gallon tank when I can. I am keeping a look out on Craigslist and such. For the tile, I assume a textured tile would be preferred?

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