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Beardie Enrichment Ideas!


Juvenile Dragon
Here is a quick list of fun activities and products to keep your beardie or other reptiles entertained. Feel free to contribute!

-Build a maze out of cardboard boxes, wire cube shelving, or even large plastic LEGO bricks (The off-brand giant ones work well). Put a favorite treat in the center, such as fruit or worms.
-Lazer pointers can be a fun way to get your beardie to exercise. However, keep the sessions short and reward with an insect treat when you're done.
-Try clicker training! There are many helpful guides online.
-Stuff a paper bag with veggies and/or worms, tie it closed, and give it to your beardie. I like to make multi-layered ones. Animals seem to enjoy the challenge of tearing the bag open to get at the treats inside.
-Build an obstacle course. You can include hoops, hurdles, tunnels, and more! Leave a snack at the end for your beardie so that he enjoys going through it. If you have multiple beardies, you can time who goes through fastest.
-A tunnel, especially a crinkly one or one with multiple entrances, is something most small pets enjoy. If you don't want to spend money on one made specifically for animals, you can use large PVC pipe, round oatmeal containers, or one made out of fleece using this great tutorial:
(It was made for guinea pigs, but it can work for any animal). Here's one of my favorite tunnels: https://www.amazon.com/CO-Z-Collaps...ds=small+animal+tunnel&qid=1602897059&sr=8-51
-A treat ball is very entertaining. You stuff the insides with treats, close the lid, and watch your beardie roll it around to get to the food! This one is durable and high-quality: https://www.amazon.com/Niteangel-Tr...small+animal+treat+ball&qid=1602897366&sr=8-3. CAUTION: DO NOT buy any hanging treat balls, the ones typically made from metal and advertised as "hay balls" or "treat balls". There are reports of animals getting their legs caught and broken in these toys.
-A logic board is a fun way to challenge your beardie's mind. It is very entertaining to watch an animal solve the puzzle. This is the one I use: https://www.amazon.com/Trixie-Snack...502&sprefix=small+naimal+enri,aps,182&sr=8-37. It can be stuffed with slivers of bell pepper, greens, or small worm feeders.
-Take your beardie outside! You can try two methods to keep them safe: A harness (https://www.amazon.com/Adjustable-B...=bearded+dragon+harness&qid=1602897641&sr=8-5) or a playpen (https://www.amazon.com/Amakunft-Bre...ds=small+animal+playpen&qid=1602897669&sr=8-4)
-Beardies enjoy climbing and exploring. Try combining tunnels, ladders, hamocks, toys, and hide boxes to create a playstand! There are many examples sold for parrots you can use for inspiration. I'm working on one based on a McDonald's play area-ladders, tunnels, and large wooden boxes with windows at various heights. If you build your own playstand, please remember to avoid pine and cedar wood-these can be toxic long term. Instead, try aspen, poplar, or apple. You can also carve one from foam-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf6Xwt4zcI4
-Try excavator clay and build your bearded dragon tunnels, caves, and more! The Zoo Med Excavator Clay is common in the reptile department of pet stores.
-You can also use foam to carve climbing walls for your bearded dragon. These can be anchored to the side of your terrarium and should be textures and have lots of footholds and perches sticking out. It should be similar to what you see in the back of some Exo Terra tanks.

I have used and tested all products mentioned above and can guarantee that they are safe and good quality :)

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