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Bearded Dragon Diet Nutritional Information


Bearded Dragon Veteran
The more variety you can offer them, the better it is. That will keep nutritional deficiencies to a minimum and usually keeps what you are talking about from happening.


Bearded Dragon Veteran
Except that information listed in that table about butterworms and hornworms. Ugh. Im not sure how that exact same information just gets regurgitated by people over and over again. Looks like a few of the live foods listed there could use some work though. Seems like they may have not been careful when comparing various dry matter or wet matter measurements (listing the earthworms as 62% protein for instance).

This one is a little better for some common feeder inverts (with the exception of the same silly information about hornworms)

http://www.elevageslisard.com/resou..._Feeder_Insect_Nutritional _Content_Chart.pdf


Bearded Dragon Egg
Anyone know about feeding lavender occasionally? It’s in the mint family, which is on the list?

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