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Another review-Pro Bugs packaged bugs


Hatchling Dragon
Beardie Club
Part of Nero's Christmas presents (yes I got her presents) were these two packages of bugs, one being locusts and the other being silkworms. Not my favorite thing ever, but Nero thought otherwise. Normally I'm not squeamish about insects, I've considered getting a leech or a roach pet. But looking at the dead locusts, I hate crushing bugs, it's so gross, and there I was picking up dead locusts with my mom's tweezers (I could not find Nero's tongs from Christmas), and feeding them to Emperor Nero. She loved them and finished the whole pack of them. So I guess I would recomend them to everyone, your beardie will love them, but you may die inside. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


Bearded Dragon Veteran
I used my mom's tweezers once before I got my tongs!! Just rinsed them and put them back. She'll never know lol. I will look more into those for my beardie!

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