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    Bearded dragon eye question (Photo includ)

    Temps be the same you get plants and micro fauna that will thrive in the same as your beardie will . Make sure your custodians you add will also thrive in the same environment your beardie will etc good plants I recommend is Golem , Elephant feed , aloe Vera , so many plants dandelion etc I...

    Leaving feeder insects in bioactive enclosure

    Yeah it’s possible I have Dubai crickets mealworms supers isopods etc living and cleaning inside my beardie enclosure you still have to do your normal feeding routine even if you have bugs and cleaners in there I have plants etc even a sunrise and sunset with my timers ! Good luck on the venture

    Bioactive terrarium

    It is true without plants your bio active will fail springtails nurture the roots of the plants and form a symbiotic relationship as well as other beneficial bacteria plants convert nitrate into ammonia and it keeps going into a long cycle without plans the story will become full of bad...

    Bioactive terrarium

    The clean up crew is doing good damage to that pumpkin as well haha they love it

    Bioactive terrarium

    Without plants your soil will become toxic after so long and all your Clean up crew will eventually die. Plants are what removes the nitrates out of the soil . Thhe ants even break down clean up crews waste even further

    Female or male beardie?

    Better late then never . That percentage should work everyones bio is made differently which makes them unique I use about 60-40 ratio . Sphagnum moss is one of the best additives to the soil it helps keeps it aerated and Clean up crew loves it Springtails etc plus it stays moist and holds 10x...

    [ATTACH][ATTACH] Luna celebrating October with a big pumpkin

    Luna celebrating October with a big pumpkin

    How many springtails and isopods should I use?

    The isopods you want are the white dwarf isopods and you want some blue scavenger isopods those are important

    How many springtails and isopods should I use?

    I've never replaced mine but I've seeded with other bloodline before. I even have jumping spiders in my bio they're very tiny

    Bioactive terrarium

    Yeah I have two threads I made earlier this year tht have tons of pictures

    How many springtails and isopods should I use?

    At least 6 inches of substrate would be great. If you add springtails in I added a 8oz cup I bought off eBay in my 150gal and now have millions of them . Believe it or not I got my isopods from my backyard I quarantined them for generations first but I did buy them as well like orange and purple...

    Bioactive terrarium

    Go look at my post for a bioactive . Totally worth the whole investment

    please help, she ate a bead!!!!!!!!

    Give her warm soaks until she passes if your heat and uvb is good everything should be fine should pass in time feed her some fruit

    Terrarium plants and substrate?

    bioactive setups with live invertebrates in the soil like springtails isopods superworms and mealworms amongst other things to help maintain the soil etc

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