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  1. Silver dragons

    At what age to beard's turn black?

    Hello, I've seen my bearded dragons turn there beard kind of black at about 5 months, and at about 8 months they can turn their beard completely black. But this is just my experience I have no idea if this is true or not.
  2. Silver dragons

    Shiva's birthday...shes old

    I agree that is insane! After looking at your profile picture I would have guessed she is a lot younger because of her size!
  3. Silver dragons

    Dropping your dragon

    She looks healthy so I wouldn't be too concerned. But if she start showing any symptoms of being unhealthy, I would take her to a vet.
  4. Silver dragons

    Help bearded dragon has huge bulge above eye

    Hello, did you ever get her to the vet? Is she doing better now?
  5. Silver dragons

    "Give me arugula, or give me death!" --Blackbeard

    Hello, I've heard that arugula isn't good for bearded dragons too. So I would suggest not feeding a whole lot of it. Trying to get stubborn bearded dragons to eat something new can be kind of difficult but you just have to be persistent. Trying different types of lettuce can do wonders and try...
  6. Silver dragons

    Adenovirus cleanup

    Hello, I've never personally dealt with adenovirus but I think that you have done enough as bleach is very effective. Here is a paragraph I pulled off the internet that should help you out too. "Bleach is effective against adenovirus, so mix a 10% concentration using fresh bleach. The mixed...
  7. Silver dragons

    Ok age to begin hornworms?

    Hello, I would not feed hornworms until they are at least a year of age. But I guess you could probably feed younger if you chopped them into smaller pieces.
  8. Silver dragons

    Little red around ring of eyes

    Hello, that red spot just looks like part of his pattern to me. As long as he is healthy and acting fine, I wouldn't be too worried but if he is, then I would take him to a vet.
  9. Silver dragons

    My baby won’t eat

    Hello, there are a lot of reasons a bearded dragon would refuse to eat their food. Could you post a picture of your bearded dragon and there enclosure? What UVB are you using? Since he is not eaten for a week, I would also highly suggest taking him to a exotic vet because he is most likely...
  10. Silver dragons

    Good place for hornworms?

    Hello, you can start to feed small hornworms to bearded dragons about a year old.
  11. Silver dragons

    Please help. Mixed info everywhere! Need to feed my baby

    Hello, since your bearded dragon is so small, I would suggest cutting the dubia roaches in half. You don't want to feed anything that is bigger then the space between their eyes. Normally you can start feeding hornworms at about a year old. Happy bearded dragon keeping!
  12. Silver dragons

    Blackbeard and Frankie, BFFs 4-eva

    Cute! My bearded dragon Windshear is friends with our cats. But it's a different story with our other bearded dragon Iris, he absolutely hates the cat!
  13. Silver dragons

    To decorate or not to decorate.....

    Hello, I don't think dragons really care if the walls of their cage are textured or not. You can go with darker or lighter backgrounds. The picture is of my background I made, as you can see it's meant to look like a rock wall. Just most people prefer lighter types, as many people like to...
  14. Silver dragons

    Dropping your dragon

    Could you post a picture of her? Also I'm pretty sure bearded dragons can't get pregnant, do you mean gravid?
  15. Silver dragons


    Yeah I'm going to go with leatherback.

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