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Playing on the desk!
Mark W

Playing on the desk!

She's my companion when I use the BDF :D
I'm confused, the other pic shows her left leg missing & this one shows the right :confused: . Great pics of Eliza.
@ Germ

I'd be confused to. It's indeed her right leg missing. I guess it must have been the camera or something. Who knows :) Speaking of which, any thoughts why her leg is missing? It was like that when I first got her.
Lol, you must have been playing with that picture in an editing program. The pic is mirrored, causing it to look like the leg is missing on the wrong side along with the writing on the coffee can being backwards. The missing limb could be caused by any number of reasons, the most likely being, an injury from being housed with other dragons, most likely siblings when it was younger.
The best thing to hold onto is the fact that you are housing her in a situation where she won't lose another leg. These animals, at least here in America, are beasts that are taken far from there environments. The least we can do is love them and treat them as well as they deserve. :D

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