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Won’t eat, keeps closing eyes, won’t move, laying flat
Ashlea.......He needs UVB & HEAT & Sufficient Air FLow; is there sufficient airflow? Also, remove that substrate and use paper towels, or smooth shelf liner from target. Rite now I can tell he does not have UVB; without UVB, they cant eat or digest their food and cannot absorb Vitamin D or breakdown the calcium which they need for their bones. Order the REPTISUN 10.0 T5 from AMAZON or from a specialty reptile store. DO NOT get the 5.0 it needs to be the 10.0 & T5. Worse case get the 10.0 T8 then return it to the petstore when the amazon one arrives. This long tubular bulb needs replacing every 6 mnths religiously. He needs lots of protein; only crickets and Dubia roaches. Never ever feed mealworms. Superworms; u can feed when he is almost a year and a half. plus always the greens and veggies. Also, for Heat buy a clear Zoomed basking bub & temp should be around 100-105 if he's under 6mnths; if he's older do 95-100. U need digital themometers and hygometers. Humidity if its off will detroy them too with all kinds of health issues. Humidity should be 30-40 percent and never higher than 40 ever. Try this and remove the coconut/sand asap they ingest it and it impacts them. Also, feed crkcets and dubia raoches no bigger than the space between his 2 eyes. And lots of baths 3per week in luke warm dechlirinated water to get him to poop and get the crap out that he ingested also. But, UVB asap and vet for calcium shots. Oh and lighly dust the crickets once per day, 4times a week with REPCAL & Herptivite lightly like u are sprinkling salt on fries.

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