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Coming from beardeddragon .org I can tell ya improvement on a mass scale not only by the site's accessibility but much more people preaching more advancing care and having that progressive mindset glad I found it here ❤
Hello my bearded dragons name is frank and he is about 9 weeks old. He loves his 40 gallon enclosure and loves to snuggle with we. He very guickly bonded to me and I love him. I am just a person looking for good information to give frank the best life ever
Ms. Exotic decided her Madre (I) was taking too long to put her bed and blanket back in its spot after laundry so she climbed in the basket ❤


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Happy happy. May this one make all the previous ones seem ordinary in comparison.
All the best for 2021> to you & your loved ones.
Happy happy. May this one make all the previous ones seem ordinary in comparison.
All the best for 2021> to you & your loved ones.
Hi, Please could you advise,is reptile carpet ok to put in vivarium or could you recommend a safe substrate please. Thank you
Frank the baby beardry
Frank the baby beardry
Reptile carpet is mostly ok. There are some stories of animals getting toes stuck in it but overall it’s a great substrate. and definitely don’t use calcium sand.
I know what you mean, I love my Sunny, best pet I've had, I love that she is so sociable and likes to be held.
Hey y’all, I’m new to this site and was wondering if you could please send me some advice... I’m planning on building a 4x2x2 terrarium for my big boy, Sterling!
I’ve been building reptile enclosures for years, but this will be my first one for a bearded dragon.
Since I’m a fairly new beardie mom I’m definitely open to any/all helpful suggestions/information!
I need some help my 5-month-old juvenile just stopped eating. He is shedding but not in a full body shed. He only had one cricket today and a small amount of salad but he did drink a lot of water. Now he is basking but he looks lethargic to me. this is our second bearded dragon as the first one we bought from PetSmart did the same exact thing the heat is at around 105 calling vet tomorrow