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So I'm looking for advice on how to make my long distance move easier on Mango. I will be driving for approx 20 hours, and will be doing the drive in one shot. (I'm also transporting a dog and cat). Any suggestions on how minimize the stress on her would be appreciated! Thank you!!
I love bearded dragons! I have had mine for three years now. I also love helping new or current beardie owners!! Ask me any question you want!!
I don't know if you are set on a wooden cage or the amount you want to spend, but my Grandson is selling his bearded dragon Last Christmas I bought him a 48x24x24 Carolina Custom Cage . I also bought a CCC 3-sided background. There is a light, carpet, climbing rocks, a hide and vines to climb on. Sunny is an adult and must go with the cage. Maybe not your cup of tea-but if you are interested,
I'm trying to just make sure I have my new lil guy or girl living good in its tank.I got it for mother's day this year and my husband n kids got the 40 gallon tank kits with the orange sand n all 3 lights.I have a food n water bowl a place for basking I made a lil hide away spot on the cool side
I have an 8 month old baby. He is hand fed because he can’t see out of 1 eye ( that’s what the pet store told us ) My worry is his 2 front legs are bowed inwards and he barely uses his back legs. I’ve never seen him on all fours and I’m certain he has MBD. His lighting is proper, he’s not eating the last few days and I’m scared him must be in pain! Help
Well I'm new to this group. I just wanted to introduce myself and my baby beardie. My little guys name is Hades. My first bearded dragon. They are the coolest creatures I have had the pleasure of having. He has the sweetest personality. My husband tried to touch my shoulder when Hades was on my shoulder and Hades blew up his beard and opened his mouth at him. Like he was saying(don't touch my mommy). It was cute.
I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful babies. My Tati is 3 and she is my star. My Sensa is 4 and I adopted her from my mom. She is missing an arm and two toenails but she is my most active baby. Then I have baby Nick - he is a rescue that was abused. He has a twisted spine, twisted tail and is stuck tiny forever. They are all free-range, potty trained. I am so lucky to be on a planet that has beardies !
Hey everybody I’m new to bearded dragon forum and um so yeah :) I have a 2 month old 5in beardie named Peralta (from a show). I will probably have some questions. Anyway my bearded dragon kind of shakes a little so I was wondering if this was lack of calcium like I suspect and if it is what can I do about it? Anything is appreciated. Thanks -Peralta_thebeardie
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