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  1. Skybug

    Digging Juveniles

    If your dragon gets hand fed, or dish fed, substrate is totally fine, the MAIN reasons substrates can be bad Are: feeding on substrate, the dragon doesn’t have good vitamins (he’ll eat his substrate to gain trace minerals) ,bacteria , and just having the wrong kinds, if u we’re u id get a tub to...
  2. Skybug

    Open teranium

    Something like that would work, my only critique would be, it being too high, absolutely have pillows or cushions around it, sometimes beardies get startled by birds and they just bolt, not even looking where they’re going, but absolutely yes on the idea! Make shure whatever you get has plenty...
  3. Skybug

    Open teranium

    My dragon spends some time everyday in our sun room , it’s completely safe, bottom half of the screen is metal.
  4. Skybug


    Oooof andy man…. Welcome to the forum, unfortunately ur lighting is off to a bad start, absolutely NO COIL/compact uvb, B A D, they cause eye issues make lizards blind, they either offer too much uvb in a concentrated stream or little to none at all, ill attach some pictures of what most of us...
  5. Skybug


    No my dragon doesn’t get ricotta cheese…. Lol, that’s for dusting the bugs…
  6. Skybug


    Heres a picture of all the things i use, everyone does Supplementation a little bit differently but that’s OK , as long as they’re getting proper uvb and calcium thats most important! i do calcium every other feeding, the powder multivitamin 3 times a week, the liquid vitamin once every other...
  7. Skybug

    Hide Placement Recommendations

    Uhh, idk tbh about it being too big, in my experience with lizards they like to cram themselves in tight spaces, but bearded dragons arnt like most lizards, and ive found they love to really spread out, definitely put some kind of soft cloth in the bed, they do love soft things, and wherever ur...
  8. Skybug

    Hide Placement Recommendations

    There’s enough of pros vs cons to make the argument for substrate go either way, it really depends on you tbh, if youre meticulous and have good cleaning habits, it should prove to be of no issue, however some substrates are straight up no nos, regular sand, bark chips (i use them but its risky...
  9. Skybug

    Hide Placement Recommendations

    It would be alot easier for him to bask with the new hide, you want them to be able to pancake out ive found
  10. Skybug

    Hide Placement Recommendations

    That’s how i have mine, opposite sides but the same, i have found in my experience with my dragon that it helps her wake up in the morning (pictures: New and old enclosure)
  11. Skybug


    I haven’t heard that before, even if its true, id still have multiple multivitamins just to be safe, repashy does make good stuff, i do like their products.
  12. Skybug

    Bearded dragon quarantine

    Personally, id do separate rooms, a little ocd but then there’s no factors involved , but them being in different corners would be absolutely fine too, idk about the size of the tub tbh, as long as he can do a full turn without his tail touching the sides its big enough , and for a time frame ...
  13. Skybug

    Can a beardy eat crested gecko meal replacement??

    T.L.D.R: Im not feeding this as a staple, or even a significant amount, maybe a couple licks? , what do you all think? (I would’ve posted this on the gecko forums, but they’re kinda judgmental over there, and i think this is more of a BD question anyway) So ive had my crested gecko for a...
  14. Skybug

    sex of bearded dragon

    Probably a smaller diameter one, its kinda like how as a kid ud have a laser pointer and put ur finger over the hole the light Emanates from and ur fingers insides glow, hold him vertically, shine the light from behind, hold it directly to his tail , you might need two people for this, it’s...
  15. Skybug

    Paranoia (Does she look fine)

    Wow old girl, someone on here had a Bearded dragon that was 20, Shes just wrinkly then :) thats good, and eggs will do that, i think ur just a very caring pet parent, shes fine.

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