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Recent content by Noella

  1. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    Yes. I love this boy. He really loves to sleep on me.
  2. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    Yellow with orange freckles.
  3. Noella

    Vomit or poop? help!

    You would have to take his poop to a reptile vet so they can see if it's not harboring any thing.
  4. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    Thanks. Some times they fool you. I really thought he was a girl. I still love him the same. He waits to come out to sleep on me. He's laying against my neck as I type.
  5. Noella

    I's a boy. I's a boy!

    I's a boy. I's a boy!
  6. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    He's a boy with a ladies name. Below is his baby photo. I haven't been posting much because my life has been busy. His nickname is Captain Blackbeard. I thought he was a girl in the first two years. Then I saw he had nuberries. My 'girl' turned into a boy...He's such a sweetheart.
  7. Noella

    Vomit or poop? help!

    Superworms aren't a real good staple. Try some small-medium dubias, no bigger than the space between their eyes. They have a greater protein ratio that a growing beardie would need. It looks like poop to me. Also, test his poop for parasites and what are your tank temperatures?
  8. Noella

    Baby beardie

    Congrats on your baby beardie. They should be eating more than 4. But there are some other factors that may be affecting his eating habits. If he just arrived, it takes them a week to get used to their new surroundings. If you can, try getting a fecal to the vet to rule out parasites. Does he...
  9. Noella

    Unhealthy Stubbornness - NEED TIPS/ADVICE!

    He's not spoiled. Not in the least. When was his last fecal? How many times a week do you feed hornworms? They get spoiled real quickly when they like something very much. Mine won't touch his greens while he's attracted to Waxworms. He will turn his face up at his greens. I'd give him greens...
  10. Noella

    Here is 6 year old Maya

    The love bug turned 6 years old on April 15th. I was a little late in posting statuses on Maya. Sorry so blurry.
  11. Noella


    Don't worry. You'll be ok. I have eaten food even after handling my dragon.
  12. Noella

    Hello Peeps.

    I know it's been a long time since I posted here. I've been extremely busy with life. I don't remember if you all remember what happened last year in 2018, but it was an utter nightmare. The three of us were displaced twice by a tree limb falling on our electric meter mast and having to endure...
  13. Noella

    I luf you to know it's my birfday. I turned 5. Mom said I gets to go to's school.

    I luf you to know it's my birfday. I turned 5. Mom said I gets to go to's school.
  14. Noella

    56 Robots

    I'm sorry. I just couldn't help but LOL at that. We have 56 robots on the site. (No worries. It's those web crawlers)
  15. Noella

    Maya's Fifth Birthday

    I know I was a little busy. But here's some pictures of Maya and his late birthday gifts. I had some delays in sewing up his gifts. But he got one today and hopefully I'll be done with another gift or two.

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