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    Crazy female dragon ATTACKS

    Hello, I have two beautiful beardies I ve been waiting on their age to breed them. I started slowly introducing them. Then I would put them together about a hour a day in the males tank, then the females tank, then onto the floor today. My male will bob his head and arm wave to her but no...
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    Gravid beardie stopped eating.

    I have a 2 yr old gravid beardie name Penny. She stopped eating for two weeks now. She is still active. She scratches at the glass most of the day. Is it normal for them to stop eating while she is gravid? This is the same time of year she was gravid before. I noticed she has lost a little...
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    First Time Beardie Owner

    Hello, kthompson7 young beardie should eat 20- 30 crickets twice per day. Pellets are horrible for them .They need fresh veggies everyday. How many hrs or light a day is he getting and what method of lights are you using?They do get grouchy during shedding and simetime not eat during the...
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    Not eating greens anymore

    Ok, 16 hrs a day is too much for them. Its suppose to be 10-12 hrs of light and the rest no light. Getting a timer helps because you dont have to remeber and it wont mess up the schedule. Its very important to have the same routine everyday. They need to have fresh veggies everyday...
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    What went wrong?

    Hello. how often do you take Poppy out side? My female opens her mouth at me and turns black out side too. He might of just heard a bird or wasnt use to the outdoors. Is ur house/room dark when you let him out inside? How often do you hold Poppy?
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    Can someone explain what this is?

    Hello, do you have a Exotic Vet near you? Do you know how Kouki could of got the splinter? How old is Kouki? Is he acting sluggish?
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    Bloated Bearded Dragon

    HI there, I know you said ur not sure how old she is, but how ling have you had her? How many clutches does she have a year? How far appart are her clutches? What are you feeding her and how often?
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    Not eating greens anymore

    HI. Flaminunicorn90. How many bugs do you feed her a day? Did you switch to different veggies? How many hours a day are you giving her UV & Heat?

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