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Recent content by Dillmonster123

  1. Dillmonster123

    Terrarium plants and substrate?

    you can use elephant bush
  2. Dillmonster123


    welcome to the forum what's your lighting like and also how is the little guy responding to his new home also what are you feeding him
  3. Dillmonster123

    Growth Photos.

    he's two years and four months old and it toke him about a year and a half to get to 17 inches
  4. Dillmonster123

    needs help for a pet green anole

    so it's been a few days but raptor's been declining he has blood color urates in his poops and i don't have enough money to take him to the vet or else I would
  5. Dillmonster123

    Growth Photos.

    they sure get big pretty fast i have smaug my two year old bearded dragon and he was about the same size of Varok when you first got him and now smaug is 18.2 inches and 374 grams he's my bigga boi
  6. Dillmonster123

    It finallly happened :(

    sorry for you loss
  7. Dillmonster123

    New beardie mom

    welcome to the forum i'll gladly be your friend
  8. Dillmonster123

    It’s a big, scary world out there!

    yea he saw a hawk
  9. Dillmonster123

    beardie fashion show

    i never said he lets me put them on without a fight
  10. Dillmonster123

    beardie fashion show

    he actually doesn't mind them once they are on in fact he ate when he was in one
  11. Dillmonster123

    beardie fashion show

    and the sock sweater is from a sock meant for a man it was my foster dad's sock but it's too small for fim and he was just going to throw it out and i said i could turn it into a sweater
  12. Dillmonster123

    beardie fashion show

    yea it's very difficult to put on the shirts so i only put them on for pictures another reason i don't put these on daily is it blocks from from warming their bodies
  13. Dillmonster123

    beardie fashion show

    so i made some sweater for my beardie and decided to show them off
  14. Dillmonster123

    It’s a big, scary world out there!

    One time I toke out smaug without a leash and boy was that a mistake i toke him to the park and let him sit and eat on his favorite food which is clover. All the sudden he look up and crouches and then he darts into a bush