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    Noob: Food, Temp, Lighting questions

    Thanks again. He is eating crickets and roaches. He seems to prefer the crickets over roaches. The damn roaches run out of the bowl and get under the mat before he eats them. Didnt notice till I cleaned his tank and found 20 roaches huddled together (need to trim excess mat). Bought bunch of...
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    Noob: Food, Temp, Lighting questions

    Thank you very much. Lot to process, but I have ordered 1/2” roaches, BSFL, and will get the gun/strips tomorrow. Gave him greens and veg this morning before crickets. do I still need to add crickets with roaches and bsfl? The heat pad wasn’t cheap, does it hurt anything if I leave it in? It...
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    Noob: Food, Temp, Lighting questions

    We got my son a Bearded Dragon for an early Xmas present. The more I read the more I am confused. 40 gallon tank (36x18) Lamp: 160 watts. Basking and UVB light Combo UTH Matt on bottom left side of tank. Same side as basking light. Basking side thermometer says 90-95 Cool side stays at 80 We...

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