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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragon Health' started by Rlhanshew, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Rlhanshew

    Rlhanshew Bearded Dragon Egg

    Dec 8, 2018
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    I've noticed the past few months that my beardie has started showing whitish spots around her mouth. Shes just finished shedding her head and the spots are still there. She eats primarily dubia and superworms (only on occasion). We are still arguing over veggies though. Shes eating well, in fact shes a little overweight. I'm working on that though. Shes in a 75 gal tank. Warm sides around 105, cool side 80ish. I have a reptisun t5 10 that covers all but maybe 1/4 of the tank. Shes pretty lazy in her tank but when I let her out to run shes all over the place. Her stool is normal. I'm not sure if it's a stress issue or what. Any help is greatly appreciated! In the first picture there's still a bit of shed hanging on.
    20190711_042332.jpg 20190711_042415.jpg