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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragon Diet' started by Marnster95, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Marnster95

    Marnster95 Bearded Dragon Egg

    Dec 11, 2019
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    Is it safe to feed my 2.5 month old super worms? I have read that they cannot break down the high amounts of chitin or something... is this true? I want to try to mix up my dragons diet a little and super worms are super easy to get ahold of.
  2. kaylynangel

    kaylynangel Bearded Dragon Veteran 1,000+ Post Club

    May 31, 2019
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    Only 1-3 on top of his greens get small ones if you can find them - make sure he can eat them ok you dont want him to get impacted because they are to big --- added when serving and he can see you put them on it -- that will draw him to the glass bowl that they cannot get out of --- you can also get BSFL and add as many as you want on top of his greens -- they are a great staple feeder --- feed first thing in the morning and then the staple feeder like an hr or so later --- this will get him to start eating his greens now --- if he gets hooked on insects now later you will have a hard time getting him to eat his vegies --- you can also get butter worms silk worms and wax worms --- horn worms - wax worms are fattening and like candy to them - butter worms are good source of calcium and horn worms are hydrating so be careful how many you feed as they will make his stools runny----- silk worms are good to feed as well but are hard to find and spendy -
    here is some websites to look at for worms and staple feeders
    https://symtonbsf.com/m good staple feeder and dont need to be dusted order large ones
    here is a nutrition website

    they like variety so mix it up
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