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Discussion in 'Reptile Product Reviews' started by Ozzie&Dino, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Ozzie&Dino

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    Dec 28, 2012
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    I found a website that someon was talking about at the Repticon. It is called PMHerps and I reciently bought one of their 24x12x12 habitats for my Gecko and I am seriously thinking about ordering 2 for my two Beardies and ofcourse I will get the bigger 48 long ones for my beardies. I also will buy another one for a new Gecko I sortof rescued today. She was first left out on the side of the street in a 20 gallon long tank and so the neighbors noticed her and they kept her for a while and then gave her to a friend in which is how I got her. I answered their ad on CL and they were advertising her as an Albino but she ended up not being one. She was on sand which is a huge no no and her water had sand all in it and poop was everywhere. Then I noticed these little black bugs running all through the sand. { Her and her 20 long tank and twin lights and housing and top , I payed $23

    Needless to say I bought her and her habitat and lights, she did not have an under Tank heater but they were using 2 red bulbs for her heat source. She now has an UTH and repti carpet for now until we get her new habitat and then it will have white ceramic tile. Shes approx 5yrs old and just as friendly and calm and eats like a pig. She ate 6 crickets the minute I put them in her habitat. She looks very healthy considering what shes been through. The people I got her from said they had her a year and their son quit taking care of her or handling her since he got a Bearded Dragon. Well she has a new and forever home now. But when you get a chance check out PMHerps cages... Pictures to come of the new Leopard Gecko :)
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