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Plants in the tank?


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Hi all,

I read that bearded dragons like certain herbs so I bought small rosemary plant I thought I could put in his tank and spray and maybe he would eat some of it or lick the moisture off.

Anyone else do this? Is this a bad idea? There is dirt in the plant so maybe it has bogus microbes or whatever.




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West Monroe, Louisiana
There are lists of good, bad and ugly plants (as they relate to dragons) here and elsewhere on the internet of course. I keep a couple of aloe plants in Falkor's home for decoration. He hasn't paid them any attention, but they are easily replaced if he does. I do have the pots covered with 2" river stones to keep him from getting to the dirt.

I've seen many comments both pro and con plants here with, I think, the cons winning. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with placing edible plants in a habitat as long as you are positive they haven't been exposed to chemicals or other dangerous substances. Beardies eat them in the wild so . . .

More experienced members will probably disagree.


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Having a live plant in the tank can raise your humidity. If you do put a plant in the tank, you want to make sure that there are no pesticides used or fertilizers, that the plant is just in an organic soil with no vermiculite or pearlite in it. The other thing about a plant in the tank is your beardie is going to climb on it and possibly damage it and they could dig in it. So there's most likely going to be a mess.


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New York
Im a big proponent of plants, so I say go for it, with the understanding that you may likely have to replace it either due to damage from your dragon running over it or from it being eaten. There are some, like aloe and grasses, that they seem to leave alone. There are others that must be pretty delicious, like herbs or hen and chicks, as I have found they get gobbled up pretty quickly (again, I dont have a problem with that personally). I usually grow a few pots of herbs every few months in the windows so I can add them to my herbivores enclosures as a snack. Things like basil and kale grow quite readily in the window and get munched pretty quickly too.


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Raleigh, NC
I'm growing succulents in pots and theyre doing reasonably well. They get bitten once in awhile but are easy to pull out of there if major problems should arise.

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