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OMG adhesive thermometer T-T


Bearded Dragon Egg
So, after 2 months of research, buying the temporary enclosure and setting it up, making sure the temperature and humidity levels were solid... I finally purchased my bearded dragon yesterday... In all my research I found no warning about this... So my baby dragon jumped on the thermometer that was adhered to the side wall of the enclosure... and then it fell off and his chin got stuck to the adhesive T_T

I live in Houston (therefore the humidity levels in my house are pretty unstable) and the first night he stayed there was a pretty drastic fluctuation in the humidity due to the lights being turned off. I'm thinking that compromised the adhesive... Noticing the problem with the humidity I have found a solution to that... but that doesn't negate the traumatic experience my new dragon had on his second day at home T_T

I will be going to the store in a moment to purchase a thermometer with a probe to prevent future occurrences, but I felt like I should share this experience with a community considering I had not come across this being a potential problem during my research.

****Ahhh! to give peace of mind to everyone worrying, I was able to remove him from the thermometer with a small amount of vegetable oil with no injury! But he now has "stress lines" that he previously did not have :(

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