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My dragon


Juvenile Dragon
Hello all. Here’s a pic of my dragon
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Tank is way too dark. We rescue and rehome the tank needs a clear ZooMed basking bulb and a Reptisun 10.0 T5 UVB long tubular bulb to cover 70 percent of the tank or he will get MBD and brittle bones sooner than later. Also No sand or coming substarte they ingest it and it impacts them. Use smooth shelf liner from target or wallmart or paper towels or soft terry cloth towels and NO colored bulbs ever; it burns their eyes and is super bad for them. They are like Gina’s they like pure dark at nite and light and bright during the day to thrive and have energy. We rescue and rehome and have seen it all; try what I told you and u will see an 80 prcnt difference in him instantly. Also No mealworms it impacts them and destroys their digestive system. Crickets and Dubia roaches and veggies/greens 2-3 of each cut up in a feeding dish mixed everyday or twice a day. Dandelions, mustard/collard greens, endives, yellow squash, snap peas, green beans, & butternut squash; alongside lots of protein feed 3times a day if under 1year or less and 2times a day 1-1.5 years of age then after 1.5 yrs feed 20-25 crickets a day and lots of greens/veggies. Here’s a pic of how to place the UVB in the back and the basking heat bulb in front of it. My uvb covers the entire tank but it only needs to cover 70 percent beginning at the hot side and basking/heat bulb on the same side in front of it towards the front so when they bask they get heat and uvb and if they want away from uvb they can go to the cool side or go under their hammock or a hideaway.