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Discussion in 'Bearded Dragon Breeding' started by Twinkie13, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Twinkie13

    Twinkie13 Juvenile Dragon

    Jan 18, 2017
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    i see a lot of forum members are great people and seem to go the adoption and rescue route which I think is just awesome.

    I did not go that way on my 1st because I wanted to ensure health and I think some of many rescues would need an experienced keeper.....plus my 3 year old wanted a red guy lol

    So my 2nd one coming later this summer will be a citrus because that is what the 5 year old requested( and he asks weekly lol )

    So you guys on here? Forum members! Y'all have any cool morphs?

    My 3rd btw, will be a rescue lol
  2. PatsyB

    PatsyB Super Moderator Staff Member 3 Year Member 1,000+ Post Club

    Mar 18, 2013
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    I got Dexter and Luci from Petsmart and Petco. Dexter was a fancy that I learned here on the forum is because she is a citrus hypo. Luci is just a plain old junk yard dog LOL! He's just normal brown color but he's very rough looking because he's always running his tank. Dolly my 3rd, was a rescue who was abandoned and brought to Petco. She was $20 for her and all the accessories, couldn't pass that up!