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Moderator Nominations


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It's time to add a couple new moderators to our team. If any of you are interested, I'd encourage you to nominate yourselves or others you think would make a great BDF Mod
Moderators are conflict resolvers who love bearded dragons and have a general knowledge of basic care and how to direct people to the answers they seek here on BDF. Ideally, our moderators welcome new members, help with technical issues and remove posts that violate our community guidelines (mostly spam!). Of course, moderators also love the dragon hobby and have a desire to encourage and help others successfully raise healthy dragons.
If you know someone that sounds like they fit this bill, or you feel you do and you're up to the task, please send me a PM with your moderator nomination. I'll be making a list of the top contenders and selecting a few to join our team. BDF has a great reputation for being a friendly and helpful place to get all kinds of information about bearded dragons - the entire community has helped develop this culture. I'm excited to bring on a few more volunteers to help keep BDF the great place it's become!

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