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Minced/chopped veggies


Hatchling Dragon
Hello, say I were to feed my dragon,for example, asparagus, should it be chopped, minced or neither?
Again if I were to feed her veggies such as asparagus should the asparagus be placed in a bowl, plate, or atop substrate?thanks much


Hatchling Dragon
asparagus is technically safe for your bearded dragon, but it shouldn’t be a staple part of their diet. read more in this article

but for all veg in their diet, make sure that it isn’t any bigger that the space between their eyes. putting it on a small plate or shallow bowl would be good :)

Silver dragons

Juvenile Dragon
I agree with Avery Hanna asparagus should not be a main part of their diet. You might end up having some difficulties with trying to get your dragon to eat it because it is so crunchy too.

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