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Looking for a bearded dragon!!!


Bearded Dragon Egg
Have a 55 gallon tank at the moment, all ready to home a beardie.:bd:
I will be getting a bigger enclosure in a few months! (Live in Northern New Jersey)


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Welcome! Good luck in finding a dragon and in the meantime take a look at the links below several of our comments for resource information on everything you could need..


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Are you getting a baby or rehoming one? there are a lot out there that need new, loving homes. The appeal of the babies tho' is through the roof, they are totally entertaining. Whichever you go for, good luck and keep us posted


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Hey! I have a 3-year-old Male Fancy Bearded Dragon I can no longer take care of and am looking for a new home for him! I also live in Northern NJ and could probably drive to you or a meeting spot nearby. I also have decorations for your new tank if you need them!

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