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How many hornworms and dubia to feed adult weekly?


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hello! I just got a beardie for the first time and he is a young adult (18-months old). For protein days I plan to feed him 50/50 hornworms and dubia. So, approximately how many of each should he get total weekly? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you


Hatchling Dragon
18 months is an adult. Young adult is 12-18 months and young is 9-12. Juvenile is 3-9 and baby is up to 3. I don't know about the bugs but I do think you shouldn't be feeding 50/50 because hornworms are very big compared to dubias.


Bearded Dragon Egg
Thank you for not being at all constructive for my question. This was my first lost but I'll be leaving this forum. Btw by dubia are 1.5" and hornworms 1-2".


Juvenile Dragon
I hope that you will join over at beardeddragon.org
where there are lots of experienced owners who are happy to help

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