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Early brumation!


Bearded Dragon Egg
Hello everyone, I have a concern about my beardie girl. She's 8 month old and she start spending more time on the coolest side of the enclosure and basking less. I'll attach the picture of my setup. On the photo she's basking, but now most of the day she is laying on that high wood decor near hammock. May be she's prefer that decor on the cooler side more than her basking brick and I should switch the basking side. She's eating pretty normal in the morning her bugs but not going to bask after. She's still going to bathroom every day when I taking her out. 2 days ago she spent almost whole day in the cave. She's pretty good size and looks healthy for her age, but still is that OK if she'll go brumation now. Should I stop feeding her and leave her alone?


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